Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baking 101

Don't use PAM... use crisco and flour (just like grandma taught you)!

Making a mess in the kitchen is just a part of baking... get use to it!!!

Two is better than one... and yes it's okay to lick the bowl when your done!

Sharing in the fun is after all... FUN (no matter your abilities)!!!
Sift 3 times (that's actually what the instructions said from Warren Brown)!

Learning to crack and separate the eggs... really messy, but all worth it in the end!!!


  1. What a great adventure you and your Mom are on! Please send a slice to AZ every week so we can try your creations. I love the photo of you sharing the bowl with your brother!

  2. Ditto everything Katie said! I think, though, that I can come over to get my piece of cake!!! Love all your pictures -- cake looks good, too!