Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whoppie Pie ~ Maine

Not only is this the first recipe in the book, it's also the first one that was on Cakeboy's list for sure! Who doesn't love a Fresh Whoppie Pie?

And since we on a learning curve here we are making mistakes along the way, but isn't that part of the fun and adventures? Today we forgot to add the egg in the cake mixture so things ae a bit flat. And we also added the extract too soon in the icing, it never seemed to set just right. SO we added some powdered sugar to the mix (why not?). It did help a bit, but not a lot.

1st Grade Homework Recipe

It started out as fun, we had bought some really cool cupcake liners (so they wouldn't stick). One of Cakeboy's math homework sheets had a recipe on it... looked decent, so we thought, why not?

Lesson learned today... recipes sent home on a 1st graders homework is probably not going to turn out as planned (why did they have to name it, "Mom's Best White Cake"?). The funny thing was, once again, it didn't taste bad. It did however, stick, crumble and have a cookie like texture. For those of you who understand the science behind baking... What went wrong?

Really didn't seem to bother Cakeboy!!!

Baking 101

Don't use PAM... use crisco and flour (just like grandma taught you)!

Making a mess in the kitchen is just a part of baking... get use to it!!!

Two is better than one... and yes it's okay to lick the bowl when your done!

Sharing in the fun is after all... FUN (no matter your abilities)!!!
Sift 3 times (that's actually what the instructions said from Warren Brown)!

Learning to crack and separate the eggs... really messy, but all worth it in the end!!!

Silver Cake~Alabama

We tried to decide what was the best route to take on getting through this ENTIRE cookbook. We Don't know about you, but have you ever tried to cook EVERY recipe in any cookbook you've bought? The first and most natural order was simply... in order. As fate would have it, we needed a vanilla cake to go with berries for dinner with friends. Well, the Silver Cake from Alabama fit the need, but not the order... so of course we choose "need" over "want" (he he he).

Our first lesson learned was that just because it says non-stck, doesn't mean it won't stick!!! And yes, we sprayed it with PAM, only to find that wasn't good either.( Memories of my grandmother using Crisco and flour came back to me and WILL be used next go round.) So there were several lessons learned here... but most importantly, "When life hands you broken cake, Make a Trifle"!

And no the pictures didn't turn out that great either... but the taste was pretty good! Would we make this one again, probably not. Did we have a great time, learn lessons and plan to continue this adventure? Most definitely!!!

United Cakes of America by Warren Brown

"I also wrote to encourage people to get into the kitchen- it's one of the most underutilized resources in America. Baking a cake from scratch isn't quite as easy as "a piece of cake", but I think that just about anyone with enough heart to stand in the kitchen for an hour or so will find it rewarding. (Don't let fears and calories keep you away- eat in moderation and exercise!) Seeing and touching real ingredients will arouse a basic curiosity about what's in prepackaged foods, snacks, frozen meals and more. It gets easier to make better choices once you have the baseline knowledge gained by starting from scratch. If cake can kick-start that understanding, then I'm happy."
~Warren Brown Author of the United Cakes of America