Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sun & Sand June 09'

What a big time at the beach!!!

It's not often I get pics of just you posing and playing. As much as I love taking pictures of your bugs, toys, and things, it's so nice to see you having ALL the fun. You deserve it for being such a good brother and a GREAT kid!!!

The Last Day of School for Kindergarten

G- & Mrs. Moss
G- & Mrs. Payne
G- w/ buddies, C & A
Grant's Kindergarten year started off a little rocky. The verdict's still out who it was tougher for, Mommy or G-. By the time the year finished, Grant made a huge change! Not only did he love school (maybe not the getting up early part), but he made great friends, had the best teachers, learned to draw the coolest pictures, and even learned to speak Chinese!!!

On the last day while driving to school he said, "Mommy, school only felt like it lasted only 10 days!". I replied, "You remember that at the beginning of 1st grade!"

I'm so proud of you, Mommy

A Boy & Baseball

This year Grant played t-ball for Stokesdale. He played first base for the Indians and loved every minute of it! It doesn't get much more "American" than going to the little league games. The boys are bored after about 30 minutes, pick the clovers in the out field and dig dirt around the bases on the infield, but oh how they love to bat! Can't wait to see if he continues next year.

Saturday, June 6, 2009